16CM Marvel Comics Deadpool MAF082 PVC Movie Cos Movement Model Action Figures Toys High Quality Collection

  • Product:【Deadpool】
  • Height: 16cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Packing: Color Box
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Height: 16cm
Material: PVC
Packing: Color Box

《Deadpool》 is an anti-hero under Marvel Comics. It debuted in the 98th issue of New Mutants (February 1991). His real name was Wade Winston Wilson. He was originally a Canadian commando and joined the Weapon X program in order to heal his terminal illness. Although he was injected with Wolverine genes The cancer was cured, but as a result, the brain cells grew excessively and people became crazy. In addition, the regenerative ability and the cancer cells repel each other, resulting in disfigurement of the face and scars on the body.
Because of being admired by the death of the five gods in the universe, he was cursed into an immortal body by the annihilation of the universe, and later he rescued the goddess of death and returned the curse. He has two knives and two guns in one hand, has a self-healing ability far beyond Wolverine, and a belt that can make him move instantly.
In the movie universe, Deadpool is played by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.