Bubbles are a form of motivation to practice more with Geniebook. The more Bubbles you earn, the more items you are able to redeem from our Bubble Store.
The easiest way to earn Bubbles is to complete more worksheets. You can also earn Bubbles by challenging other Geniebook users to questions and attempting questions that you have been challenged to.
Students are awarded bubbles once a worksheet has been marked by a teacher.

Only completed worksheets will be marked by teachers. They will not mark worksheets if there are blanks or unsubmitted answers.

The only exception to this rule is if the worksheet consists of only MCQs or with certain open-ended questions that are all automatically marked by the system. These types of questions will be considered marked immediately after completing the worksheet and the bubbles will be awarded instantly.
Geniebook staff process all Bubble Store orders every day excluding weekends and public holidays. Shipping is then handled by our third party suppliers. We suggest putting all your orders in one so that we can ship them all at the same time to you.

[PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, orders might experience delays in shipping]
All orders will be fulfilled by delivery only. For non-physical items such as top-up cards and app cards, they will be delivered by email codes only. It is very important that you provide a valid email address so we can deliver the code to you.
All orders will be fulfilled by delivery only. It is important that you provide a correct address, with your unit number and contact number (or email address if ordering top-up cards).
Please contact care@geniebook.com..
You may access your order history at the following link:

Please contact care@geniebook.com.
Please take a picture of the faulty item and send it to us at care@geniebook.com.. We will submit it to our supplier for a refund. Where possible, we will advise on a drop off point where you can return the faulty item. We will then refund the bubbles once the issue has been resolved.
If the status of the item is still “Processing” yes. However, once the order status changes to “Ordered” we will not be able to cancel it.